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Nov 1, 2017

“We are easy and fun to work with.  We pride ourselves on having an enjoyable workplace and also being enjoyable to work with for our clients as well.”

Growth: Start with little projects and let the clients get hooked

Marketing:  Sharing our story, documenting our journey, just tell people what we’re doing.

Mistakes: Almost all of our business was coming from Adwords but then the CPC was just going through the roof.  That growth through PPC had too many eggs in one basket and it crashed and burned for us.

Advice: Find other young people who you can bring on and train them up, sell them on the way you do business.  All the while you must tell your story and share your message.

Driving Force: I actually believe that I am put on earth to help young people get from here to the next step.

Stress Management: We laugh and make fun of ourselves even when it’s really bad.

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