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Dec 27, 2017

Melode Smelko is the CEO of Altrua Global Solutions, a family owned marketing and advertising company that is also in the digital printing business.

Altrua is a turnkey solution for digital communications.

They are also paperless!

Let us begin the interview and hear what Melode shares from her experiences taking over the family business.

Additional Notes--

Growth: Let the people who do the job best do it, and I get out of the way.

Ideal Client: Someone looking for a turnkey solution for their digital communications.

Mistakes: Sometimes the mistakes are the most important things because you learn from them.  

Advice: Pick your clients carefully.  We target clients that are heavy users.

Driving Force: To be a blessing to our clients, team members, and community.  We get very excited to hear that a team member has bought a home.

Stress Management: Head to the beach!

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